Compare the Coverall Program to the Competition

The Janitorial Services Industry consists of companies that provide commercial cleaning services to various types of businesses. Most cleaners are small independent business owners or janitors, and a consistently growing number of them are franchisees.

Coverall is a leading franchisor of commercial cleaning companies that deliver the Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System Program to customers. These professionals are certified on the Coverall System, and trained in the latest cleaning technologies.

While traditional janitors clean are focused on cleaning for appearance, CHBCS reduces health risks through effective hygienic cleaning, creating a cleaner, healthier environment.

Compare the Coverall Program to In-House Cleaners

Some businesses are turning to their existing staff to take on cleaning duties in an attempt to save money. The problem is, it's easy to end up with unhappy employees — and dangerously dirty working conditions. An overworked employee who isn't properly trained simply can't do as good a job as a certified, trained professional. And if Coverall's Health-Based Cleaning System Program creates a cleaner, healthier environment at about the same overall cost, then it just makes good sense.

Hidden Costs of In-House Cleaning*

 Sample costs commonly related to in-house cleaningCoverall Health-Based Cleaning System Program
Hourly Rate$8.50Included
Insurance and employee-related costs35% / $128.92 (fully loaded)Included
Total Cost$563.67$346.40

Other variables to consider: Training, turnover, hiring, termination (unemployment), payroll expense, initial equipment costs and equipment maintenance.

* This is an example based on a 3,000 square foot facility. Our pricing is based on industry standards published by ISSA, as well as internal productivity and effectiveness studies. Services are competitively priced and include a cleaning schedule that is customized to your requirements.

Compare the Coverall Program in the Industry

Below is a commercial services cleaning checklist that includes the items that customers tell us are most important. Think about your cleaning requirements, and see how the Coverall Program stacks up.

Commercial Cleaning Services Checklist

What's Most Important to You?Coverall Program
Dusting that removes nearly 100% of bacteria, allergens and dust from the air
Restrooms that look and smell clean - and are clean at the "unseen" level
Cleaning that prevents the spread of bacteria from one area to another
Franchisees who use the most efficient cleaning tools and techniques available
Careful attention to details
Competitively priced cleaning services
Franchisees who listen, add value, and follow through
A customized cleaning schedule - not "one size fits all"
Consistent delivery of cleaning services
Professional, trained and certified franchisees, fully bonded and insured
Instant, online communication with your franchisee
Online access to invoices and payment history
Quality assurance plan built into the Coverall Program
24/7 support via phone, online or onsite
Special services available

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